Benefield Law is a full service law firm that advises individuals and small businesses in a variety of complex matters, including estate planning, patents and trademarks, business negotiations, employment issues, and litigation.

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Estate Planning

Benefield Law works with clients to help them design and implement an estate plan that fits their needs. Be it a simple will, a revocable or living trust, or an irrevocable trust, Benefield Law works with its clients to successfully implement an estate plan to carry out their wishes and preserve their assets, including longer term strategies to protect client assets from Medicaid recovery. Benefield also works with the personal representatives of estates to asset with trust settlement and any probate needs.

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Patents & Trademark

Benefield Law advises its clients on all of their intellectual property needs, be it negotiating a patent license, filing and prosecuting a patent application or trademark registration, or handling a patent litigation. We handle most patent and trademark services on an hourly fee basis, but will try to utilize fixed fee structures where suited, such as for patentability searches and the drafting of simple patent applications.

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