Our Services

Done right. On time. Under budget.

When Roads Are Rough, Ride With Us!

We here at EA Asphalt take pride in our work. Our team of highly trained professionals is equipped to handle any and all asphalt projects you have. From simple blacktop to detailed designs, we have you covered. So, whether you need a sidewalk done, or the parking lot of your complex, we get it done on time, we get it done well, and we get it done UNDER budget!

We Work For You, The Earth Works For Us!

With any new construction project, the ground has to be level and prepared for building. Our experienced earthwork team is ready to tackle any and all project you throw at us! Got a pesky creek bed going through your property? Large hills or uneven ground? EA will take care of it all! We understand the importance of getting something done right the first time, trust EA to take care of your earthwork project!

Tear it Up, And Lay It Down!

Our concrete team is ready to get some dirt under their nails. We have over 70 years of combined experience in this field, so you know we’re the ones you can trust to do your concrete work! But of course, before new concrete can be poured, the old has got to go! Our expert excavators are ready to tackle any project you throw at them! We work fast, we work well, and most importantly, we work under YOUR budget! Learn More

Load It Up, Get It Gone!

Job sites get messy. Keep it clear! Materials aren’t always readily available. Get them there! With EA’s Trucking service, we hall away what you DON’T want, and deliver what you DO! No need to wait on that debris to be cleared, EA’s got you covered. No reason to wait for that gravel to get delivered, EA is on time, every time! We believe in the importance of getting a job done well, on time, and under budget. Trust EA to be your expert trucking service!