Espresso Machine & Coffee Equipment Service, Repair & Sales

If your machine isn’t working, you’re not making money!

Espresso Enterprises is dedicated solely to the service, repair, and sales of commercial espresso machines and coffee equipment. Located in Indianapolis, our friendly, trained technicians service the entire state of Indiana plus western Ohio, eastern Illinois and northern Kentucky. In addition to getting your inoperative machine working again, we also offer preventative maintenance plans and machine rebuild options to keep your machine working properly.

Our trained technicians sell and work on:

  • Unic
  • Bunn
  • Cimbali
  • Faema
  • Franke
  • La Cimbali
  • La Marzocco
  • Nuova Simonelli
  • Rancilio
  • Schaerer
  • Slayer Espresso
  • Thermoplan/Verismo
  • WMF

And most other brands and models. . .

We service the entire state of Indiana, western Ohio, northern Kentucky and eastern Illinois.

Espresso Enterprises is the most trusted specialty coffee equipment vendor within 200 miles of Indianapolis, Ind.

When buying the very piece of equipment that makes your business a coffee shop, we understand you have several options, such as the Internet, coffee roasters, and the occasional espresso machine retail store. You might get a “deal” on a piece of equipment, but you won’t get the overall level of service, expertise, and honest advice that we offer to ALL of our customers regardless of whether they purchase new or used equipment.

Espresso Enterprises is the only brick and mortar coffee service company in Indiana that specializes in espresso machines rather than pushing equipment as a means to sell more coffee.

  • Espresso machines are our business. We have the knowledge and experience to help you decide upon your business’ single most important piece of equipment. Coffee roasters know coffee, but that doesn’t mean they know espresso machines; would you buy a car from a gas station owner?
  • When we sell a machine, it includes the manufacturer’s recommended first year preventative maintenance services
  • We don’t sell coffee. If you’re searching for a coffee roaster, we can recommend several local roasters

We sell, service and finance new and used specialty coffee equipment

  • When buying a new espresso machine or grinder, ensure the price includes a full one-year parts and labor warranty
  • The seemingly low sales price offered by many resellers only includes the manufacturer’s one-year parts warranty. Consequently, during the warranty period, you’ll pay all travel and labor related costs incurred to diagnose and repair your machine
  • If you’re in central Indiana, there’s a very good chance we’ll install the machine you buy elsewhere

We have a showroom where you can actually test drive various espresso machines

  • Each of our techs has been trained by multiple manufacturers
  • We have received factory training from 11 different manufacturers
  • We repair nearly all commercial espresso machines, regardless of make or model. If we can get parts for it, we can repair it.
  • Our three repair vans travel the entire state of Indiana and parts of Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Espresso Enterprises is an authorized reseller and service facility for over ten commercial espresso machine manufacturers

  • Do you really need a high end, big name Mercedes, when a well equipped, mid-range Camry will work?
  • Broaden your knowledge of different machine manufacturers and machine types. Have you experienced the differences between semi-automatic, automatic, and superautomatic machines?
  • Understand the capabilities of budget, mid-range and high-end espresso machines
  • Determine which features you actually need<
  • Find a manufacturer that offers a machine with the features you deem important at a price point that supports your business plan
  • We may have a used machine with the features you need and a price you want

We provide water softening equipment and ongoing system maintenance

  • Every espresso machine manufacturers’ warranty specifically excludes hard water related repairs
  • Indiana has extremely hard water — a reliable, functioning water softening system is crucial to your machine’s long-term viability
  • Hard water issues cause 80% of espresso machine repairs
  • We handle water softening issues ourselves, we do not farm it out to a 3rd party

We offer in-house financing for sales over $2000

  • We’re in the business — we understand the importance of cashflow
  • We’d like to be your long-term business partner

We buy quality used commercial coffee equipment, including espresso machines, grinders, brewers, and more.